Wood repair
Wood Repair
Old broken chairs can be repaired, even if it sometimes appears to be impossible...
On site repair
Old pieces and new pieces fabricated and glued together
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This arm rest was broken and a piece was missing. We carved out a new piece and glued it to the armrest.
600 S Bell Blvd. Suite 209, Cedar Park
We can repair almost any type of furniture, be it old or new, scratched, dented, gouged, stained, broken in pieces or eaten by dogs.
We repair fire and water damaged furniture. We also can fabricate missing parts and re-veneer your furniture. We match color and sheen. If the part has to look old we make it look old. We even drill worm holes if needed...
Please note, we do NOT do upholstery repairs, only wood repairs. We can reccomend a good upholsterer.
Broken back splash to a dining room chair
The back splash on this antique chair was broken and pieces missing. No Problem!
Not much left of this mirror frame... But we fixed it !
Quite often we see dressers, tables, nightstands, and other pieces damaged by liquids from nail polish, air freshners, and solvents. Other times a piece has been burned or suffered water damage. In some cases we can do the repair without refinishing the entire top. The dresser above had a bad burn in which some of the veneer was totally burned away. We filled the hole, colored the fill and drew the grain. The top was then re-coted with our clear lacquer.
Dog chew on furniture ? No problem. We love dogs that love wood...
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We have the tools and "know how" to make almost any missing part