On site repair
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You can e-mail us pictures for a free estimate, usally we will respond in a couple of days (depending on our work load). We will need a picture of the whole piece and upclose pictures of the damage. We also will need a description of the damage and the size of the piece. The more information we get, the better the estimate will be. However please note, sometimes it is difficult to give an accurate estimate from looking at pictures.
For the most accurate (and sometimes necessary) estimate, we will have to see the piece in person. We can do this for free at our shop or in your home for a fee (which is refundable if we can pick up the piece at the same time).

We offer pickup and delivery service if you cannot bring the piece to us.
600 S Bell Blvd. Suite 209, Cedar Park
We work with all major insurance and moving companies to perform inspections and repairs. We perform inspections of moving, water and fire damages, vandalism and other disasters. Our reports contain damage description, repair cost if reparable, replacement cost if not reparable and pictures. The report is usally paid for by the insurance or moving company.
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